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Frequently Asked Questions

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Use this page for all your unanswered questions that you may have or even answer questions you haven't thought about yet!

Click below to navigate the page for specific questions on each stage of your training.  

Driving FAQs
CBT faqs


What will I need to bring?

What motorcycle clothing shall I bring?

How long will the course last?

What happens on a CBT?

Can you fail a CBT?

Will I need to pass a theory test before my CBT?

How long is the CBT certificate valid for?

Do I need L-Plates once I have completed my CBT?

What motorbikes do we use for CBTs?

How do I pay for my CBT?

I passed my CBT when I was 16, can I ride a 125cc motorbike now I am 17?

I completed my CBT on an automatic motorbike, can I ride a manual motorbike? 

Will the CBT course go ahead if it's raining?

Can I use my own motorcycle?

Where is the CBT site?

Practical faqs

Motorcycle Lessons FAQs

What steps do I need to take to pass my test?

Will I need to pass a theory test before my CBT?

What is the AM Category?

What is the A1 Category?

What is the A2 Category?

What is the A Category?

What is a Module 1 test?

What is a Module 2 test?

What motorbikes do we use for training and tests?

Where do we train?

How long will it take to pass my test?

What test centres do you use for the practical tests?

Do I need to book the Module 1 and 2 tests?

I have already passed my A2 licence and I am now eligible for the Category A test. Do I need to pass another theory test?


Theory Test FAQs

How long is a theory test valid for?

Where can I take a theory test?

How can I book a theory test?

How can I revise?

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